How to remove the dotted border from Blogger links

I’m sure that many of you have noticed the dotted border that surrounds links when you click on them. It’s actually an accessibility feature and in most cases it’s fine, but in some cases that dotted border surrounding active links can be quite annoying and ugly. There is a very simple and easy way to hide the dotted border from active links. All it takes is a few lines of CSS and you’re done.

Just Login To Blogger Go To > Layout > Edit Html and Find for

And just place the below code before it.
a { outline:none; }
And save your template and you are done now.Now whenever you will click on any link in blogger no dotted lines will appear.

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Kiran said...

his is such a simple line of code to implement in ones source – but def something which is over looked by many designers / users . It amazes me when I see the dotted border link on many famous Design sites – it looks horrible in my opinion . This is the very first thing I implement in my source -always ! Now lets hope everyone else does the sam :)

दिपक भट्टराई said...

its not work in my blogger can u tell me any other idea/

Admin said...

@दिपक भट्टराई
However, I can clearly see it working fine on your Dipakbhattarai blog :P

Like Lite Life - Solutions and Tips said...

Wow, thanks for this! Hated the dotted lines. No more of em anymore. Thanks again :)

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