Add subtitle in movie in single step

There a various way to add subtitle to the movie. Most of the dvd has the wide range of subtitle in various language inbuilt on it. But some might not and if you have downloaded the movie from the internet then there is less chance of having subtitle on it. In such situation you can add subtitle in movie manually. Well don’t be panic its not that much complicated that you are thinking  but your computer must have any video playing software that may be either vlc player or kmplayer and have subtitle enable on it.

How to add subtitle in movie step by step
1. Make a new folder and keep the movie file inside that folder.
2. Go to or and download the subtitle of the movie of your choice. Please note that there are other huge amount of website that offer you to download subtitles you can choose any one of them.
3. Paste the downloaded subtitle into the folder that you have created.
4. Rename the subtitle with the movie name and use .srt extension at the last

5. Now you can play the movie you will see the subtitle that you have included on it.

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